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What we need to learn from Freetown’s landslide tragedy

Last week, disaster hit Sierra Leone, one of the jewels of Africa. At least 500 people were killed after a mudslide tore through a suburb of the capital Freetown. Hundreds of people are still missing and thousands more are left homeless. This is a moment of pain that will forever be etched in our memories as Africans, but simply remembering this tragedy is not enough. We need to learn from it.

Adapting Africa to changing climates

The changing climate is no longer an abstract issue, and the realities of its impacts are being felt across the world. The long awaited IPCC Assessment Report (AR5) summary for Policy Makers was released on September 27. The report predicted the impacts of climate change will lead to more flooding, famine, drought and disease which could have a negative impact for millions of people in the poorest parts of the world, especially Africa.

Volunteerism: A prerequisite for Africa’s progress

“Africa will write its own history and, both north and south of the Sahara, it will be a history full of glory and dignity.” These profound words of the Congolese leader, Patrice Lumumba in the 1960’s have haunted the continent for over five decades, and working towards its fulfilment is surely on the shoulders of each succeeding generation.

How Africa can feed itself in the face of climate change

With the global population approaching 9.6 billion by 2050, huge demands will be placed on states and the environment to provide sufficient food.

Needed billions leaving Africa yearly

Africa needs financing for development projects that will operationalise the development strategies.

Africa’s top priority

New studies point to extreme environmental disruptions in store for Africa, prompting leaders to seek regional remedies.

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