Dr. Richard Munang.

Dr. Richard Munang is currently the Africa Regional Climate Change Coordinator at the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). He is responsible for guiding the implementation of UNEP’s climate resilient development strategy at national and regional levels in a manner that ensures human wellbeing through coordinating implementation of diverse projects in adaptation and mitigation.

Dr. Munang experience encompasses a unique blend in programming and policy on regional and global issues of climate change policy, environmental management, sustainable development, clean energy, resource efficiency and food security from the lens of accelerated economic growth. His professional activities include supporting governments, regional institutions and non-state actors with green growth and low-carbon transition, and participatory engagement of multiple stakeholders including the private sector, youth, women and minority groups.

With rich knowledge, diversified experience, policy formulation and sustainability of projects amongst others, Dr. Munang have led research programmes and guided several publications to inform Climate Change and development policies at both global and regional levels. He has participated in a wide variety of research projects and have published over 500 articles in both international peer reviewed journal and magazines. Dr. Munang is the author of the book– Making Africa work through the Power of Innovative Volunteerism

He has been involved in enhancing skills retooling of youth through a mentorship tool he founded called Innovative volunteerism which is a structured innovative approach to guide and inspire youth to turn their passion into profits through driving climate action enterprises. He has won many awards including- Africa Green Champion Award 2020, African Environmental Hero Award 2016, UNEP 2016 highest recognition Baobab award for Programme Innovation.

Dr. Munang holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Environmental Change and Policy from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and an Executive Certificate in Climate Change and Energy Policy from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Inspiring people to find their purpose as they use their passion to connect the dots and drive their own unborrowed vision to bring climate action solutions to scale where everyone benefits

Viva Africa !

“A socio-economically climate resilient Africa where youth leverage innovative volunteerism to turn challenge into opportunities”